About Photog

"Putting Creativity Back to Work"

Photog [foh-tog] is a photographer’s marketplace where clients can find photographers based off niche, location and budget. Photog works as a job board for photographers helping them to expand their reach and exposure and find new clients without geographical restrictions. Photog is a platform built by photographers for photographers, our mission is to help put creativity back to work. With our platform we will be able to help clients find a photog that fit their photography needs. We live in a visual world, photos provide us insight and vision. It helps us with purchasing food at our favorite restaurant, finding our newest outfit for a night on the town or introducing your family to your new bundle of joy. We want to give photographers the opportunity to pursue their passion full time and make a living doing what they love.

Our Mission

"Be Inspired by the Inspired"

At photog, this is not just a statement but it is our creed and passion. Photographers see the world different than most, for them to share their perception of the world through the art of photography is not only amazing, but a very intimate look inside their world. We are inspired to help photographers to continue showing the world through their eyes and connecting them with new clients all over.