How to Build Your Photog Profile for Photographers

How can we get you booked if the world cannot see you and what you are capable of? No worries! we are here to help. We know that we are a brand-new company, and our setup is unfamiliar; understanding how our profile setup works could be a little different. So below we outlined how easy it is to setup your Photog profile.

Step 1: When you log in to Photog, it will take you directly to your dashboard. Go to "My Profile" and click on the "Edit Mode" button and it will activate edit mode.

Step 2: While in edit mode, you can upload a profile picture and a cover page. The Profile page has a few options to crop your profile picture to fit.

As you can see in the example profile below

Step 3: You can also edit your information that was entered during your initial setup. Also, you can edit your niches.

Step 4: You can upload your photos to show potential clients your portfolio. We understand your portfolio is your life so that is why on Photog we disabled any function that would allow photo poachers to copy, drag, highlight, and Ctrl+C.

Your work is SAFE on Photog!

Example of photo upload (load up as many photos as you would like!)

Once you have completed all your edits and uploads, turn off "Edit Mode" by clicking the Edit Mode button again at the top of the page.